How to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

The phrase “long-distance relationship” seems to scare a lot of people out of maintaining or even considering this type of relationship. Your initial thoughts are the fact that you will no longer be able to see them at your leisure, you may feel lonely at times, and things could even get misconstrued with the extra distance. Some friends and family may also try to dissuade you from staying away from these kinds of relationships as a means to protect you from possible heartbreaks and let-downs.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship may be hard at times, but it makes you value and appreciate the time both of you spend together. In this new age of technology, there are more ways than ever to communicate with your loved ones to the point where you feel like they are still a part of your everyday life. Here are a few ways to maintain a long-distance relationship, keep that same spark, and maintain a lasting, healthy relationship.

Change the negative narrative of long-distance relationships

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People often see these kinds of relationships as unfavorable, but it is crucial to think about the positives of it. Long-distance makes you appreciate time with your partner ten times more. Focusing on how the one thing that draws you away from your partner will cause turmoil in the long run. Reframing the situation is vital to feel like you have control over a situation and in order to have hope for the future.

Trust your partner

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In any relationship, you have to trust your partner and that they will respect you with and without you present. Although it is important to have trust in one another, you must earn this throughout your actions over the course of time. This also pertains to if your significant other can/will keep their word no matter how big or small the situation may seem. Do they stick to the plans and ideas you said you all would do? Can you count on them? Will you both make time for each other? These are just a few questions to consider when thinking about the longevity of a relationship.

Don’t plan out your time together too much

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When you finally get to see your loved one after a while, you seem to want to do everything with them and maximize your time together. Although having a timeline for the week might be beneficial, it takes away from the natural feeling of being around them and just enjoying their presence. Downtime may seem like you’re wasting your time together, but it is important to have those spontaneous moments together. This allows for genuine quality time and conversation to flow between one another.

The small details matter

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When you see someone every day, it is easy to feel like you cover the seemingly more prominent main points throughout your day, but this is not the case for long-distance relationships. You still want to contact each other like you are virtually a part of your partner’s everyday life–small details included. This helps you remain close, even though you are so far apart. Asking them how work is going, what coworker gets on their nerves, and what local food spots have they tried. Also, remember to speak their love language and have those vulnerable conversations to make sure you are both remaining present in each other’s lives.

Have a “long-distance” timeline

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Although long-distance is doable, you want to make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to how long you all want to be in the distance phase. This gives both parties a scheduled timeline as to how long you all will be apart from each other and provide you with something to look forward to. Couples can begin to look at it as a temporary hurdle that will end up in something long-term such as moving in together or engagement.

Having clear communication, trust, love, and respect, and making time for each other will put on ease on your long-distance relationship. Even during the low periods of the distance, being there for each other and showing up for the relationship will continue to keep your foundation and connection strong. Keep these few points in mind and the negative thoughts about having a long-distance relationship will fade.