How to Plan a Successful Group Vacation

Planning a vacation takes a lot of work but planning a group vacation can be a nightmare! There are so many opinions about where to go and what to do that it makes planning an almost impossible task. Even though it does take some work, a group vacation can be done. There are a lot of things you can do to help make the planning process easier.  Before you know it, you’ll be a professional at organizing group vacations.

Create a Group Chat

Communicating can be difficult especially in a group. A group chat allows everyone to have a voice and know exactly what’s going on throughout each step. If everyone in your group has a different type of phone, there are multiple group chat apps to use and even ones that work through WiFi if your group is planning an international trip.

Assign Roles

Assigning roles gives everyone a chance to be involved and all of the work isn’t left for one person. If someone in your group wants to be in charge of finding places to stay, let them. Maybe one of your friends has discounts through their jobs or has been where you plan to travel and knows the best places to eat. A vacation where everyone is involved in the planning has a better chance of running smoothly.

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Set deadlines

Setting deadlines is the most important part of planning a group trip. Everyone has different work or school schedules so creating deadlines is the perfect way to make sure you stay organized and catch the great deals. The earlier you plan, the cheaper things are,  so be sure to make your deadlines for things like hotel and flight bookings way in advance.

Create a budget

The budget is always a sticky topic for group trips. No one wants to be seen as too cheap or too extravagant. The best thing to do is to try to find a location and activities that fit everyone’s personal budget. Now some groups have that one friend who doesn’t like to pay too much for anything. It might help to think long and hard before you invite that friend on the trip.

Use Groupon and other discount sites

Groupon is the go-to for group deals and coupons. You can purchase anything from sunset cruises to trap and paint classes in almost anywhere in the world through Groupon. They even offer discounts for buying in bulk so it would be cheaper for each person individually and not everyone has to participate if they don’t want to.

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Don’t Expect Everyone to do Every Activity

Friend groups come in all shapes and sizes. You have the nature friend who loves a good hike or white water rafting or you might have the friend who wants to see every museum and art exhibit in town. The fact remains that everyone might not want to do everything. Plan things to do in smaller groups and meet for lunch later in the day. Splitting up isn’t a bad thing, it actually ensures that everyone gets to do at least one thing they really want to do. 

Written by: Jordan Bennett

Jordan Bennett

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