How to Remain Optimistic When Everything Seems to Go Wrong

Troubles and heartaches in life are inevitable. It’s easy to become overwhelmed during tough times, but it’s all about perspective. When you’re in the thick of it, you can learn to embrace the change or struggle to roll with the punches. Here’s how you can remain optimistic when everything seems to go wrong.

Accept It

No matter how hard we try, everything won’t be perfect 100 percent of the time. Sometimes, life’s rough patches feel like they’ll last forever, but it’s important to remember that everything is temporary. Things may seem to be falling apart around you, but there’s good that comes with the bad. Take a moment to digest what’s happened. Acknowledge how you feel. Accept the reality of the situation. Regroup and recharge.

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Differentiate What You Can Control vs. What You Can’t

Everything bad that happens isn’t your fault. It’s important to recognize aspects of situations that you have control over and which ones you don’t. We may not be responsible for how a situation pans out, but we are responsible for how we choose to react to them. Acknowledging the power you DO have helps you assess solutions to your present problems. You have control over your thoughts and emotions and can actively choose how you respond to situations. Mishaps and shortcomings only taint your energy when you allow them to. Take your power back and use positive energy to improve the aspects of your life you have control over.

Look for the Lesson

With every loss, there is a lesson. Mistakes will be made, people may not follow through and plans may go wrong at the very last minute. You can either fall apart under pressure or analyze the takeaways that will help you improve in the future.  Having an optimistic attitude will help you shift your thinking from “I can’t believe this” to “what can I learn from this?”

Ask for Help

More often than not, we think we can accomplish everything on our own. In reality, we’re only adding more stress and pressure on ourselves which can lead to poor results and poor health. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you may need assistance sometimes. There are plenty of people around you who are willing to help when the load gets too heavy. That is the beauty of a network. Ask for advice about things you may be uncertain about. Inquire about resources that promote your personal and professional growth. Let your peers pour into you and offer the tools you need to be successful in your endeavors. You’ll only hinder yourself by being too prideful to admit that you can’t do it all alone.

Take Care of Yourself

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The ultimate key to maintaining an optimistic attitude during tough times is self-care. Rest and relaxation are powerful when undergoing huge amounts of stress. Allow yourself to take a break and just breathe. Spend some time doing the things you enjoy. Write down your thoughts. When you take better care of yourself, you’ll be better equipped to deal with your problems.