How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel

Want to know how to start a YouTube Channel? The YouTube world is just that, an entire world on its own. It is filled with untapped talent, exotic niches and some of the most entertaining and helpful videos you can name. Best of all there is something for everybody. 

Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t have to be this big, scary, intimidating obstacle. Believe it or not, there is absolutely no cap to success on this social platform. The decision of how successful you want to be, what content you want to create and how serious you want to take it is solely up to you. However, I’m sure you’re here to get your answers to the dire questions of what it takes to start your very own channel and potentially make it a lifelong career. Here are the five things you need to know to start a YouTube channel. 

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Stop trippin’ and just get started!

Don’t have an expensive, high-grade camera? No professional lighting? No Problem! The most important tip you can take in this journey is to just get started. Start with what you have. The very same successful, full-time you-tuber sat in front of their iPhones and filmed videos that they published at the beginning of their careers. 

Don’t let quality intimidate you in the beginning. Wanting to produce the best content is important. However, in the beginning stages of such a long journey, the type of content you’re publishing is what’s most important. 

Although lighting is a huge factor when it comes to recording content, there are plenty of ways to get around it. First, utilize the most free resource you have, daylight! When you’re first starting out, limit yourself to only filming during the day time hours. Natural light is the best light and can take you very far in the industry of filmmaking. Avoid filming backlit content. Meaning, if you have a window in your living room, actually face the window. Having the window behind you, creates a dark effect that makes for low-quality content. The camera and the window should be in front of you as you film.

This is a time to get really creative with what you have in the house. A stack of books makes for an awesome camera/iPhone stand if you don’t already have one on hand. Simply remember to make sure the audience can see you clearly and hear you without any trouble. 

Solidify a niche

Narrowing down your content to just one topic at first can seem like a challenge. Although it is okay to want to dibble and dabble into a plethora of video ideas, when starting your YouTube channel, it is important to focus on something specific. This strategy can put you on the map a lot faster than a channel that may be talking about the best beauty hacks in one video and then coming back next week to talk to you about how to change your car’s engine oil. 

As hard as it may seem, you have one thing on your side. There is something for everybody on YouTube. You can start a channel centered around how to start making candles from scratch and there will be a million-person market that is interested in learning how to make candles. Not only is it good information, but it is lasting information as well. 

Just as a niche is important, the amount of content within that niche is important as well. Pick something that is everlasting. You should be able to create 100 video ideas based around your one topic of discussion. 

Solidify a niche
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Stay consistent

The most important thing you can do to benefit your channel is consistency. Your first goal on YouTube should be “how can I reach 1000 subscribers?” Reaching this threshold opens you up to the world on monetization. Being monetized on youtube means one, you’ll have ads on your videos, which is one way you can make money on a platform like this. Two, YouTube pushes out and recommends channels that are monetized before they recommend channels that are not. The youtube platform is so vast that reaching as many people as you can is a bit challenging, but certainly one you can accomplish. 

Consistency also helps you gain loyalty with the people that do decide to subscribe to your channel. Viewers cling to channels when they know the day and time to expect your content. This strategy allows people to trust you and know that you care about them as your supporters. There is a much higher percentage that your subscribers will come back and watch your next video. 

Practicing consistency early in the game only sets you up for success later down the line when you no longer have time to practice for it.  

Be 100 Percent YOU!

A genuine person is easy to read through the camera. Picking something to showcase on YouTube has to speak to you as an individual. If you’re doing something you aren’t completely knowledgeable with or something that you truly don’t love, viewers can feel that energy immediately. 

There is nobody in this world like you. Attempting to be somebody else will only get you so far on a platform like this. Move through this journey believing that someone in the world can resonate with what you’re going through, or your unique personality traits. 


Don’t do it for the money
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Don’t do it for the money

The sad reality of the youtube business is that you will not make money overnight. Although there are those select few that have started their channel and blew up immediately from their one viral video, this is not the case for everyone. 

Understand that most people begin YouTube as an outlet because creating, editing, expressing and putting themselves out there is something they organically love. YouTube is hard work and a person will only last if it is something they truly enjoy doing. It takes most youtubers years to see their first check from Google. Even then, it takes even more time to get your revenue to something that is sustainable. 

Believe that with hard work and dedication comes reward. Continue to put out good content, use your hashtags and be as genuine as possible, and your channel will grow effortlessly.