How Your Friends Could Be Sabotaging Your Love Life

Friends are the people you share your deepest secrets with. You get opinions on simple things like if you should wear a certain outfit, or if you should switch your hairstyle. Subconsciously you would ask your friends for advice about your dating life. It makes sense, right? Well, sometimes your friends might be the reason your love life isn’t working. Here are some reasons your friends could be sabotaging your love life.

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There is always something wrong with him/her

It’s a given that your friends want you to be happy and care about your wellbeing. What’s not good is your friends always having something negative to say about every single person you’re talking to. This leaves the question are you constantly attracting no good significant others or are they blocking you from finding your perfect person? Take a deep look at your situation and see if it’s you or your friend.

 They’re Jealous

Sometimes it’s simple–Your friends might be jealous. When you’re in a relationship you end up losing time with your friends. You want to spend all of your time with your significant other, especially during the puppy love stage. Sometimes, this can result in leaving no time with your friends. This could very well lead to jealously and sabotaging relationships. Another way that jealousy can pursue is if your friend has become the third wheel in everything you and your significant other does. It can be unintentional,  but be mindful and have an honest conversation with your friend so they don’t feel left out.

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Bad Advice

When bad things are happening in your relationship you naturally go to your friends for advice. Well, sometimes they’re advice isn’t always productive. Maybe what they are telling you worked out for their relationship, but when it came to you, it didn’t work and even backfired. Sometimes your friends can advise you to do things that will damage your relationship. For example, telling you to cheat or dump your significant other when you’re in a bad place. When this happens you and your friend need to have a deep conversation on boundaries and how it relates to your relationship.

Bringing Up Your Ex

The thing about friendships, especially close friends, is that they know everything about your past relationships. Sometimes your friends are still friends with your ex and could feel like you guys deserve a second chance. They do all they can do to get you guys back together even though you have already moved on. They might find ways to compare your current significant other with your ex, which causes you to have doubts and damage your current relationship. It’s time to tell your friends that they need to move on from the past and accept your new relationship. If they are your true friends, they will do what makes you happy.

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They Flirt with your Bae

Maybe your friend has a secret crush on your bae and goes out of their way to be “too” friendly. They are secretly envious and could even try to shoot their shot with your bae on social media or behind your back. They disguise it by acting like they are talking to your significant other about you, but instead, making it about them. If this happening, you need to take a deep look at your friends and have an honest conversation to put a stop to it. Or it can be time to reevaluate your relationship with your friend and/or significant other and give it space. After giving it space, you are more grounded to have a discussion on how to treat the relationship.

Can’t keep a secret

Sometimes your friends get too comfortable with your significant other and tell all of your business. They know all your secrets, your Tinder dates, your wild nights and other dealings. Your friend might even tell your partner something personal that you have not told them yet. This is also a form of sabotaging your relationships in a negative way. If this is happening, maybe you have to pick and choose what you tell your friends. Also, give your significant other a warning before you engage in conversation.

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