How to Increase Productivity and Time Management

Time management is something a lot of people can struggle with, especially if you are employed, a college student, or working towards any type of goals. As a full-time student, we often times get caught up in a lot of the social activities college has to offer, but lack proper time management. Not knowing how to manage your time can lead to unnecessary stress and a decrease in your academic performances. Not only will you see these negative effects in your performance inside the classroom, but those things can carry outside of the academic setting—including procrastination in other activities and a loss of sleep. Here is how you can work on your lack of time management and increase your productivity.

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Plan Ahead

It is no secret that planning ahead is the best option to avoid procrastination and lack of time management. In this day and age, there are more options than your average agenda or planner. However, a fun yearly planner to spruce your mood would be a great addition! For the techies, you are on your phone for the majority of the day, so an app would suit you best. iPhone comes with a Reminder application, but the App Store offers a variety of different options. These apps can send you physical reminders to your phone with due dates and times for your activities and assignments.

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Start on Sunday’s

Sunday is, for the most part, the “renowned” resting and relaxing day to the average American household. We use this day to do our laundry, catch up on our favorite shows or dedicate this day to professional football games. This is the perfect time to map out the week ahead of you and mentally prepare yourself. Also, catch up on any work you may have and use your agenda or reminder app to organize the week. Not only will this help ease your mind, but this can allow for a more proactive, productive week.

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Prioritize Your Tasks

It is proven that your brain is more productive when you first wake up, giving it less time to daydream and wander to the other worries or concerns that may be on your mind throughout the day. Organize your tasks in order of harder tasks (or require more brain power) to simpler tasks. With this set in place, you are able to knock out the stressful tasks and get them out the way, leaving the remainder of your day for simpler, easy to complete errands and assignments.

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Utilize Do Not Disturb

This technology-driven society is terrific but can, at times, affect us negatively if we let it. A lot of times we may get caught up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform for hours at a time. iPhone has implemented an innovative feature called Do Not Disturb that allows our mobile devices where calls and notifications are silenced for however long you wish. If you are too afraid to miss an urgent call or text you may be expecting from someone, they offer a feature that allows you to allow incoming calls from your favorites. This can be a great form of self-control if you just can not find the strength to pick up your phone every time you hear it ring or vibrate.

By: Raylyn Robinson, IG: @raylyn_xo

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