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Is The CW’s ‘All-American’ The New ‘OC’?

While binge-watching the hit show, “All American” on Netflix, it gave off a familiar vibe of another high school show based in California, “The O.C.”. Both shows showcase the rags to riches element and draws the audience in with their teen drama. In this current phase of reviving and remaking old 2000 shows, can we say that “All American” is the updated OC?

“The O.C.” followed Ryan Atwood, who was played by Ben McKenzie. The show starts off with Ryan getting in trouble with his brother, which leads to him being arrested. (Sandy Cohen) Peter Gallagher gets assigned to his case. Eventually, he ends up taking Ryan in and giving him a better opportunity at life.

“All American” was inspired by ex-NFL player, Spencer Paysinger. A bright, talented football player, Spencer James, transfers from a poor South Central high school to Beverly Hills High after being recruited by coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs).

The rags to riches theme, the main characters being raised from a single mom household, and conversations of bullying are displayed in both shows. Each of the parents in the show has their own drama with each other as well. However, with the similarities, there are some significant differences.

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Spencer James has to deal with racism, feeling ostracized, as well as dealing with survivors remorse. Unlike “The O.C.” We see Spencer in both worlds, where he grew up and his new life in Beverly Hills. The show also displays the struggles of young kids dying because of gang violence while living in Crenshaw.

Even though both shows have significant similarities, “All American” stands apart. Not just because it has the football element, but because it’s the perfect show for the current climate. It’s very inclusive and diverse. As well as not being afraid to hit tough subject matters when it comes to dealing with teenage characters.

Overall both shows are great for displaying American Teen Drama. If you haven’t seen “All American”, you can check out the full season on Netflix.

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