It’s Time for You to Get Your LinkedIn Together

The time has come to update your Linkedin. You have sat down with your coffee ready and laptop fully charged to take on the challenge. Whether you’re looking for new job opportunities, building new professional contacts, or have recently gained new skills and responsibilities, it’s always good to make sure your profile is up-to-date. As you start to think about what things to add and change, here is a list of things that you definitely need to remember for your updated Linkedin profile.

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 Adding a Professional Headshot Photo and Header photo

You want to make sure your headshot is more current. Did you change your hair? Did you change industries? Look into profiles of your peers in your industry to see what type of headshots they are posting. Adding a header image that corresponds to your industry also helps. For instance, if you’re in the beauty industry, add a header that displays some of your work.

Updating your Descriptions

Another way to make sure your profile is complete is to add what you do at your job with descriptions. Use keywords that are heavily mentioned in your industry and be as thorough as possible. For example, I am interested in digital marketing. I would use terms like SEO, social media management, hashtags, etc. to describe what I have been doing at work. 

Add your projects 

As a creative, we’re sure you have amazing projects that you want to feature. You can add presentation and website links to your work that showcase your digital portfolio and works that you have completed. You can also use the Linkedin feed to post your best projects with links to showcase them. In the post, describe more what you are trying to show and add some hashtags. Using the hashtags can reach more audiences on Linkedin especially in your desired industry. 

Connect with a purpose and a message

Using Linkedin as a resource is important. You can find out who are the recruiters and top professionals in your field. It is also a helpful way to find out what people are doing in your industry and to stay up to date. I do this by connecting with others and having good conversations in the posts and DMs. I also look at their keywords and certifications to see if there is anything I need to learn more about. As you use more of the platform, Linkedin will become your own, digital Rolodex. 

Share your wins and respond

 Nothing is better than sharing your successes through posts. Post your new job positions and promotions, that amazing project you completed, new brand partnerships and business ventures. Whenever you get feedback, respond to your peers as a way to stay connected. Also, after you complete those amazing wins, have your bosses or peers send recommendations to add to your profile.

Overall, your Linkedin experience is another tool for social engagement and interaction on a professional scale. You can make your experience fun and professional by understanding these tips and your desired field. Yes, updating your Linkedin can be a daunting task, but it’s worth it!


Sterling Jones

Sterling is a beauty and lifestyle writer that's originally from Atlanta, GA. Background in Art History and Beauty Marketing, Sterling loves to write about the latest products, cultural trends, and lifestyle brands on her site, The Beauté Study. She can be found on all socials under @thesterlingstudy.