Jazzmine Pressley: An It Girl On The Rise

Jazzmine Pressley is a woman of true ambition making her mark on the fashion world, while somehow balancing being an entrepreneur, Instagram influencer and college student. Pressley, a South Carolina native, relocated to Atlanta in search of better opportunities using her passion for fashion to guide her. In two short months, Pressley has managed to do the unthinkable and launch her dream boutique Forever and Style Co.

As Pressley continues to build her fashion empire, she hopes to encourage women everywhere to take a leap of faith and pursue their dreams, but of course with style and grace. Read her inspirational interview below.

What inspired you to pursue fashion?

My mom influenced me the most. She worked in fashion merchandising when I was little, and as a kid, I used to hate how my mom would dress me. It wasn’t until I was a preteen that I was like oh my god my mom can really dress, but  I still ran away from my passion for fashion for a very long time. I would tell myself things like oh it’s too hard to break into, it’s not something I’m going to make money in, then I sat back and realized this is what I love to do.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t have a set style it changes daily, but I would say classy. I’m a little conservative I will say that. I love showing skin, and I love flaunting it, but when I go for the sexy look I go for conservative sexy.

Instagram: @foreverjazzmine

What led to the creation of Forever & Style Co.?

It’s crazy I didn’t even know that it was going to happen this year. During August  I was in Los Angeles with my mom shopping for her business, I went to two apparel markets, and I was in love. I was so inspired. I was getting into fashion blogging but I wanted to dig deeper, so I thought what if I take all my savings literally and start a boutique. Then that’s what I did and in 60 days. I spent hours researching and decided to take care of the legal things first. Then I began picking out names. I lost a lot of money during that process. I had logos made that I didn’t like and had to keep going back to the drawing board. Later I went back to LA for a mentorship program but booked my flight early, so I would have time to meet with different vendors. I went in with a clear vision of what I wanted and my money in hand. Four weeks later Forever & Style Co. launched.

What type of pieces will see in Forever & Style Co.?

It’s all trial and error, and I see the mistakes that I’ve made. I want the stuff that I have in my boutique to have shelf time. I want to have affordable and versatile pieces that will be in your closet forever.

When can we expect a Forever & Style Co. line designed by you?

I actually started working on it. A lot of the stuff I had in mind for my store I can’t find. So definitely by this summer, I want to have my own pieces.  

What advice do you have for women who want to work in the fashion industry?

Do it. Just do it. That seed was planted inside of you by God for a reason, it’s going to grow, and it will take time but doing something you love is so rewarding, but also understand overnight success isn’t realistic especially when you’re striving to create a quality product.


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