Vaginal Health: Keeping It Cool During the Summer

Summer is a time for barbecues, the beach, and short shorts. Unfortunately, it’s also the hottest time of the year. Meaning, as females, our personal hygiene needs to be on point. Although summer is full of hot and wet fun, it isn’t that fun for your vagina. Vagina’s are very sensitive and should be kept cool and dry to prevent irritation and infection. We know that when the sun’s out, the buns are out and that usually means tight shorts that cut very close to your lady parts. However, it’s very important to make sure your vaginal health is in check while you’re living your best life. Here are some tips to keep your vagina healthy and happy during the summer.
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Wear cotton underwear or none at all

As risqué as it may sound, wearing no underwear may be more beneficial than you think. Vaginas can hold and produce a lot of moisture, especially during the summer. If you’re trying to decide between your favorite lace thong or your cute silk boy shorts, put them both down and go for the cotton. Cotton underwear is best for keeping your vagina cool and dry. Other fabrics aren’t as breathable which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you’re bold enough go commando then don’t wear any panties at all. If you can’t stand the thought of going out without panties, wear cotton to go out and let your vagina breathe at home.

Skip scented body washes

Scented body washes are a huge no-no down there. The chemicals and dyes used in scented body washes can cause severe irritation and lead to infections. If you must use soap, use a gentle, unscented soap that has no dyes or exfoliating beads. Be careful of feminine washes that promise to restore your PH-balance. Your vagina naturally cleanses itself and some products will actually disrupt that process. Make sure you read the labels closely for non-organic materials or ingredients that may irritate your vagina.

Wear loose clothing

Let’s face it, we all sweat and we sweat everywhere, vagina’s included. Moisture and heat is your vagina’s worst enemy and both are caused by tight clothing. Try to incorporate outfits with loose clothing that allow your lady bits to breathe. Sun dresses, skirts, loose-fitting shorts and pants are great options that will keep you cool and help to step up your vaginal health game.
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Don’t sit in your wet bathing suit

If you’re going to a pool party every other weekend, then you’re definitely spending a lot of time in your bathing suit. Make sure you bring an extra pair of clothes to your next pool party or beach trip. If you plan to take a break from swimming for a few hours, take your bathing suit off and change into a dry pair of bottoms. Staying in your wet bathing suit can allow moisture to become trapped around your vagina leading to infection.

Consider hair removal

Pubic hair does a great job protecting your vagina from infection and harmful bacteria. However, hair tends to attract moisture and if it’s not well groomed, it will trap bacteria near your vagina. While it isn’t necessary to remove your pubic hair in order to have a healthy vagina, it does make it easier to keep the area dry. When deciding which method of hair removal to choose, think about the chemicals and dyes in your hair removal creams. Perhaps choose to wax the hair or try laser removal as a more permanent solution.

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