The Girlboss Diaries: How to Maintain Your Friendships While Balancing a Busy Schedule

Having a busy schedule can be tumultuous at times. When you’re wrapped in your job, internships or being your own boss creating your brand, your social life can be jeopardized. Being a full-time student, holding leadership positions on your campus while also juggling internships can also cause you to miss out on those fun outings and friend dates. Let’s be real, no one wants to lose their friends in the midst of their exciting life changing events. With proper time management and organization, you can fit your friends and loved ones into your hectic schedule.

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Plan a Friend Date

A date is always the perfect way to catch up with your friends on relationships, that new promotion your girlfriend just got in her desired career field or even just venting about life, like the old times. Try grabbing a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant or going out for happy hour for a few drinks to distress from your hectic schedule and enjoy some god fun with the girls.

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FaceTime Calls

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The release of Apple’s new group FaceTime has been a great addition to the Apple features, especially for those relationships and friendships that are long distance. A simple video call to your friends to let them know you are thinking about them even in your booked schedule can go a long way. FaceTime calls are also convenient if you are that friend that’s always on the go and like to still feel close and in touch with your friend’s everyday life.

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Utilize Social Media

Although your schedule may be super busy, nowadays, everyone is always on their phones and generally checking up on their social media platforms. Send your friends a funny tweet or a discussion post on Facebook to strike up a conversation. Not only does this let your friends know you are thinking about them but they know that even in the midst of you trying to conquer everything,  you will never miss a beat in the friend circle!

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Choose Your Circle Wisely

Over the course of the years, we accumulate close friends and peers from various backgrounds. But how many of those same relationships you curated actually hold value to you today? As we get older, we tend to drift apart from childhood friends as well as peers from high school and college. A way to maintain your friendships when you have limited time on your hands is to recognize which ones still add a positive aspect to your life. Figure out which friends puts the time and energy into those relationships where your love and support is reciprocated. Those are the friends you want to keep around you and grow with.

Being a girl on the move is not always easy, but being able to balance it everything is what makes us girl bosses worthy. Friends are sometimes our biggest supporters when you feel as though everything is going left in life, so make sure you never take your relationships for granted and maintain the good ones for a lifetime!

By: Raylyn Robinson; IG: @raylyn_xo

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