Meet Cleo: This App Will Read You for Filth for Overspending Your Budget

Everyone wishes they could save a little more money every month. There are many  budgeting apps that claim to help you save money and some will even invest your savings. The newest money saving app, Cleo, stands out as the only app that talks to you like your bestie. The AI messaging friend will chat with you about your finances, spending habits and read you for filth if you overspend.

cleo app

How does it work?

According to their website, the creators built Cleo because they believe “our finances should be easy to understand, our spending should be more manageable, and we should be able to make better informed decisions about our financial futures. If we are given the ability to really see what’s going on with our finances, we would be better at managing them. We also strongly believe in the power of new technologies to help make it easier for us to get to know our money better.”

The London-based app made its US debut in June and is already growing by more than 1,000 users a day! Cleo not only helps you save money, it creates budgets and keeps you informed about your spending. With Cleo, you can ask specific questions about your money and will receive instant feedback!

How it does it work?

Cleo needs your online banking login in order to access your financial information. You can add as many bank accounts as you’d like and Cleo will keep track of your money in each one. Using the information Cleo gathers from your transactions, the app will communicate with you about the best ways to reach your financial goals. You can chat with Cleo through Facebook messenger about things like: Your account balance, Spending habits by category, Transaction history, and Daily, weekly or monthly budgets.

Cleo incorporates emojis, gifs, and humor into your chats to simulate a real life financial assistant hidden in your phone. It feels like you’re talking with a friend instead of an emotionless robot.

Is it safe?

Cleo is protected with bank-level encryption and functions as a read-only app. It will never be able to move money in or out of your account. The app also never saves or accesses your banking information. Facebook also does not have access to any of your account information or banking details.

How will you save?

Cleo offers cheaper alternatives for financial services. For example, if Cleo sees that you’re over-paying for your phone bill compared to the average Cleo user, it will suggest cheaper options for phone service. You might also receive special discounts for signing up with the service suggested. There is also a referral program where you’ll receive a small bonus when new users sign up for Cleo using your personalized link.

Download Cleo now to begin better budget practices and saving your money.


"You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen." - Michelle Obama

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