Nao Launches Audience into Orbit During Concert in Atlanta

Successfully setting the tone of love and passion right in time for Valentine’s Day, British R&B singer Nao took the crowd at the Atlanta concert into the ethereal heavens.

Entering in the Masquerade venue, fans were greeted by a dimmed, multi-colored stage featuring a white bulb adorned backdrop that emulated stars. Ultimately, signifying concert goers we had just entered Nao’s galaxy.

Starting our trip through a soulful galaxy, Xavier Omar opened the show. Known for his full and soulful tone, Omar began his set on a high note, hyping up the crowd for the incredible show ahead.

As the lower chords began to play, foreshadowing “If This Is Love,” an eerie excitement roared in the crowd. Sounding just like the record, the Chicago singer took the crowd by surprise when he hit an angelic high note, seemingly opening the gates of heaven.

Performing an array of songs addressing relationships, commitment, self-doubt, and self-love, while evoking feelings of bliss and nostalgia, Xavier prefaced his closing song with words of encouragement concerning self-worth.

“Your value is not how much pain or strength you [endure],” said Omar. “It’s about how [high] you hold you [own] value.”

As Omar took his final bow, fans began to move tighter and closer to the stage as they knew what awaited them.

Throwing the crowd for a loop, Nao began her set entering the middle of the crowd, led by escorts to a center platform where she performed a slow rendition of “Another Lifetime.”


What seemed like in the speed of light, Nao took center stage to set our concert rocket’s trajectory to Saturn.

Nao flexed her vocal range with ease as she hit ridiculously high and low notes, jumping back and forth between them with ease. A goddess who commands the stage, she sashayed from end to end with the same bright energy as the neon orange two-piece she wore.

Shifting between slow melodic grooves and high-funk selections, the Brit twirled, pranced, and swayed, always followed closely behind by her long curly tresses.

Nearing the end of the show, Nao shared the process and meaning of the album being named Saturn.

“Saturn is your planet of lesson and growth,” the singer explained. “It is in one place when you’re born and takes 29 years to make its full rotation,” connecting the album’s relevance to her age.

Before leaving the stage, She also advised to relax and not to worry about life’s influxes and changes. “[Life’s] scary and hard but it’s going to work out. It’s hard but [Saturn] will return. ”

Following an astounding crowd outcry for an encore and performance of “Bad Blood,” Nao returned to the stage to lead the crowd to its final galactic passage.

The passion displayed in Nao’s performance caused tears to welt in eyes. The sheer emotion and vulnerability were evident in every note and run, causing an unforgettable experience.


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