Nike Introduces It’s First App Controlled Sneaker

The future has arrived! Nike has announced a new automated shoe that can modify its grip setting to a person’s foot. After the catastrophe Nike had earlier this week with the athlete Zion Williamson, this can restore some stability to the company’s stock value. The star Duke player received a knee injury minutes into the biggest game of the season due to a faulty Nike sneaker. This caused the company to lose 1.1 billion in stock value. The multibillion-dollar sneaker company’s rebuttal to the incident is the release of the Nike React bb: the self-lacing shoe.

About the shoe

The shoe enables the wearer to change the grip of the shoe by pressing either the setting buttons located on the side of the shoe. Nike also added an app feature that allows the shoes’ setting to be changed via Bluetooth.

This function is orchestrated by Nike’s newest technology: The Nike FitAdapt. Its “electro-adaptive reaction lacing” is lining up to change the extreme sport of basketball. With a “smart” shoe, injury on the court can be reduced drastically. The hindrance of loose or incorrect sneakers can be erased from the minds of players. Explosiveness can be even increased on the court. This is due to close-fitting sneakers supporting dynamic players what they attack the paint with speed and force.

Future Impact

The Nike React bb is aligned to change more than just basketball. Ever since Back to the Future II aired in 1989, a shoe like this has been a long time dream to the sneaker community. It’s the next step into the future for sneakers as well as street wear. Although this is currently just a basketball shoe, it won’t take long for other brands to adopt this technology and incorporate it. Imagine a world where an online order can’t be ruined because of an incorrect size being delivered. Instead, with the press of a button, your product can adjust to your desired size.

-Written by Brandon Ogbu


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