2020 Creative Trailblazers: Fruits of Labor (PRINT) Magazine


NC Magazine presents its second print edition, Fruits of Labor. This 95-page magazine explores the creative lives of a range of creatives from across the country.

It takes a special person to call themselves a “Creative”, let alone a Creative Entrepreneur. Our minds are so vivid, we see things that no one else sees, and can put together art with ease. We were called to be creatives, whether you have found your passion or not. We have our glitter moments and experience the highs of being an entrepreneur, but we all know it took a lot to get it.

The meaning of “Fruits of your Labor” is simply obtaining the reward of everything you’ve been working so hard on. If you genuinely believe in what you’re doing and the work matches, you will receive what your heart desires–no matter how long it takes. The feeling of watching the seed you’ve planted grow and prosper is one of the most humbling but inspiring feelings we will feel as humans. Every interview and feature we’ve conducted for this issue can attest to that feeling.

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