Qri Montague Created the Career of Her Dreams by Remaining True to Herself

If you’re an Atlanta resident that loves Hip Hop, you’re probably familiar with the sassy, crazy and funny Qri Montague that takes over the Hot 107.9 airwaves every evening with her segment, Questions with Qri. Before her catchy jingle and hilarious Instagram videos, Montague was a wandering young adult, traveling through the lessons of life. Frustrated by her own pride that stopped her from asking from help, she created QWQ, which went from being exclusively on social media to it being broadcasted to thousands of listeners every day, in less than a year.

Before even graduating at the age of 21, Montague accomplished more than your average 30-year-old working in her same industry. Inspired by her courage and fierce tenacity, we dubbed Montague as a first Bold and Beautiful woman. Read on for her encouraging interview:

Beyond the glitz and hilarious Instagram post, who is the real Qri?

I wouldn’t say there’s anything behind a wall to hide, that’s essentially the real Qri. I take pride and joy in helping people find solutions and just giving people something to smile about. I would say Qri is an over thinker and is always trying to figure out the next step, which is literally what I’m doing now! Trying to figure out the basis of my next interview!

In what ways are you Bold and Beautiful?

With my authenticity. When I communicate with people, I make sure to speak from a place with subtle conviction. Meaning I make sure my tone tells you I mean what I say but my delivery says that I don’t know it all and am open to other opinions. I also feel like my spirit can be contagious. I make people treat me how I treat them and expect a shift in energy when I enter a room; which is why I ultimately practice carrying myself a certain way. Which is humbly confident. I am inviting to positivity and completely dismissive/oblivious to negativity and encourage others to be the same.

How did your love for music turn into a career?

I honestly just never left. I don’t think it was my love for music, more so of the love I have for what music does for people. When you think about it, the art of music not only tells the story of the artist, but it often brings people together to celebrate that story and have a good time. Music allows people to indulge themselves in a rhythmic tune that most times soothes their mind and helps them understand their own feelings or just simply gives them something to do where they completely forget about whatever’s going on in their life! That is what constantly drives me to continuously build.

What inspired the creation of “Questions with Qri”

Sophomore year my life was filled with soo many questions. Questions I didn’t have the answer to and had too much pride to ask. As a result, I shut myself off from literally everyone because I was trying to hide it and bury the questions in my subconscious. Well, after I worked through that time in my life, I took time to observe those that surrounded me and realized that they too were people hiding questions that they were too prideful to get the answers to. So, me wanting to prevent others from feeling as low as I felt, and wanting to inspire others to actively work towards finding the answers to their inner question. I figured the only way to begin to find the answer is to muster up the courage to ask it. 

Where do you eventually see your brand going?

Aside from television, I want QWQ to go into the life of people who feel like they have no one to turn to. I want it to be a form of encouragement that people feel when they are at their lowest point and just want someone to help guide them with finding an answer. I see my brand making it okay for people to not be okay and opening up to share their story with those that think they’re the only one.

Speaking of brand, what steps did you take to get Questions with Qri up and running?

I started with my logo. I remember being at work and just drawing logos and trying to figure out who could make it come to life. Once I got the logo I felt like QWQ was real, it was just a matter of executing. I did my research on how to give advice and thought of ways I could make it my own. When I started touring schools, I started thinking of ways I could do it and realized I could use my membership in an organization to get me there! So from there, it was just another matter of pitching myself and executing.

What are 5 things a creative must do/ have in order to be successful?

I’ll give you one: REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU STARTED. So many people have tried to change the dynamic of QWQ and add what they think and suggest this and that. That is fine, BUT they don’t understand the vision. Take what people say lightly and if you can benefit from it, by all means, accept it.  But if you can’t, don’t try to stress it and allow it to make you forget who you are.

What are some challenges you face as a woman in entertainment?

Damn near everything.  No, seriously, I would say just being heard. There have been countless times where I have been emotional at work because I don’t feel heard or feel overlooked. And it’s beyond annoying.  I have no words to describe that feeling. There’s also the challenge of looking the part. So, of course, you want to represent yourself well, but also have to watch what you wear so you don’t overly attract unwanted attention. You have to worry about being passed up for opportunities because those in powerful positions(which are usually men) may not think you can handle it

How do you get past those obstacles?

I just stay in my oblivious lane. Seriously, I am that person that plays dumb all the time!  I watch and observe what people do so I then know what I need to do. My favorite Quote is “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you choose to react!” I allow that to remind me that I only have control over Qri so by all and any means, that is what I am going to do.  

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

That I have separation anxiety. Its not severe or bad, but it lingers in me. When I feel myself getting close to someone, I literally leave! Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. That’s just how I control it and it makes me sad, but I try not to stress it because I know one day I’ll overcome it.

What is your beauty/ fashion must have?

Being that I am nearly clueless when it comes to making up my face, as far as beauty, Lip gloss is a must! I keep on on me at all times. I have one in my car, one in my bathroom and one in my dresser drawer! I even bought some to give to my friends to hold just in case we’re out and I lose the one I have or forget it at home!  Yeah, it’s really bad. Fashion-wise, I would have to say lip gloss too because it’ll make your look go from chap and crazy to classy real quick! Okurt.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself owning more property and actually wanting to start a family. I see my nonprofit having helped at least 500 people and I see QWQ being an employing company that is able to give away college scholarships.


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