Questions with Qri: I Feel Like God Isn’t Listening To My Prayer

Q: Life has gotten rough, and I feel like my prayers aren’t working. Do you think if I pray on my knees it will work better for me?

While I empathize with life being rough because it can get to that point, let me remind you that prayer is prayer, and I don’t think God answers prayers based on your physical alignment with the earth. I’ll never forget the first time I fell to my knees and prayed. I was a sophomore in college and could feel the world on my shoulders. I felt like I had lost control and I didn’t know what else to do. One night, I literally dropped to my knees in my dorm room and just prayed. I cried and prayed and prayed and cried, releasing everything I had been holding onto.

God did not create us to worry

That was four years ago and to this day, that was one of the best moments of my life! At that moment I released everything from the inside of me and gave it to God. God did not create us to worry. I had taken on the act of believing more in my circumstantial status than that of God. This means you have to let it go. You can’t expect and believe that God will bless you if you’re not willing to release everything you are allowing to hold you back.

Through my experience, I found that praying on your knees is the ultimate symbolization of respect and allows you to fully surrender to God without any distractions. It allows you the opportunity to be vulnerable and open with the spirit of Christ. So often when we stand and pray, we may be rushing or may not be fully focused. Once you take a few minutes to just kneel before God and give it your all by transparently expressing yourself, I have found that to be more healing than anything. Prayer isn’t just for play or just something to say! You have to speak with conviction!!!

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If you feel like God isn’t listening it’s because you aren’t giving him anything to listen to.                                        

Let Go and Let God

You have to feel your prayers! This is the big G we’re talking about! The source of the Sun, and the Moon; the air in your lungs!! Put some respect on it and some passion behind it. If you’re saying a prayer and not giving God your all when you speak, that is one,  insulting to all of the blessings you have, and two, it sends a sense of entitlement as if you’re supposed to be blessed! How do you expect to receive an abundance of blessings in life and you can’t even speak to God with some passion and honesty, or even be honest with yourself?  It doesn’t work that way because God wants it all! God wants you to realize the power you have from within, so even when you don’t have the strength, you still seek it with passion and prayer so you can receive it!!

Now I’m not saying every time you pray to kneel, but I think you should certainly make time to do so, so you can at least see what it’s like because it changed my life. Also, when you do it, don’t let anything back. Let it all out/ Whatever you can think of, LET IT GO so you can finally LET GOD!!!