Serial Entrepreneur Mirakle Stillman Wants to Make Logistics Easier for Online Businesses

Most people struggle when deciding what they want to achieve in life. We’re told most of our lives to choose one career path and stick to it. However, Mirakle Stillman was not satisfied accepting that way of life. As a sheltered military kid from Warner Robins, GA, Mirakle often questioned what life without career limitations could look like. She now runs multiple successful online businesses.

“I never understood that narrative (of doing one thing for the rest of my life) and it was always being pushed on me.”

After heading to Georgia State for undergrad, Mirakle explored different opportunities to delve deeper into who she was and what she wanted out of life. Beginning in journalism and eventually venturing into business, she found herself interested in eCommerce. Her involvement in the business of drop shipping turned into a much bigger plan to help other growing online businesses.

“With the pandemic happening, everyone transitioned online and I saw so much potential in what was happening,” said Mirakle Stillman. “That’s actually how Still Shipping came along.”

ecommerce professional mirakle stillman
Photo Credit: Mirakle Stillman

How would you describe your transition from being employed to being your own employer?

The transition for me was sort of forced, I was actually fired. When I graduated, I worked for a wholesale beauty vendor that dropshipped in-house. I learned all the ins and outs of running an online business by controlling the entire dropshipping department plus branding and web development. It’s a small company so I took on a lot but my official title was Brand Account Manager. In the midst of that, I got into Shopify. I wanted to learn more ways to create passive income so I can have the means to do whatever I want in life.

After a while, I just was not in love with my job anymore. I felt like I wasn’t being appreciated and my motivation depleted overtime. I’m good at organizing chaos and that’s exactly what I was doing there for so long, but it was going unnoticed. I set the goal to work for myself by the end of 2020 so when I was fired, I was forced to do it. My brother and I started ideating on Still Shipping and I had all the time in the world to work on it.

Can you tell us more about ‘Still Shipping?’ Why did you feel this could be an important asset for growing online businesses?

Still Shipping is a 3PL fulfillment center handling third party logistics. Basically what we do is take in the products of eCommerce store owners who don’t want to manage inventory themselves. We store the products, manage them, and ship them directly to customers for the business. Still Shipping was actually my brother’s idea but he wanted to bring me in because I had more experience. We met with some Black-owned logistic companies in Georgia to let them know we’re here too and we want to be on each other’s side. There’s no competition. We want to grow together.

There are not enough Black people in logistics. Point blank. I believe there are only two Black-owned logistic companies in Georgia and in the entire country it’s around 15 percent. That’s not even considering Black logistic companies that own their own warehouses and trucks. Logistics is a big driver of economic growth and development. When you think about what goes into fulfilling inventory for online businesses, logistics is important. With the growing amount of online shopping happening, we need more fulfillment centers. More specifically, we need more Black-owned fulfillment centers so we can have our hand in the economy.

It’s so important to me that I help make a way because when people know they have an opportunity, they go for it. When they don’t know, they feel powerless. I want people to know they have the opportunity to create the life that they want and we’re a resource that can help.

What initially drew you to eCommerce?

Online shopping is the #1 method of shopping and it’s growing every single day. I was already familiar with Shopify after working for my previous employer and eCommerce just seemed so attainable. If you put a product online, people are going to buy it. It just depends on how you market it and whether you’re a trusted source. Those things are attainable and easy.

I started doing research and paying attention to people who had successful online businesses. When I saw results making $5,000 in one store and $2,000 from another, I started sharing my strategies and just letting people know this actually works. People should know this is doable and they can use passive income to invest in their dreams. I really enjoy the ease of eCommerce, how accessible it is and how it can fund my other projects and interests.

mirakle stillman online business
Photo Credit: Mirakle Stillman

What piece of advice would you give anyone considering starting an online business?

Do all of your research but don’t let it overwhelm you. When you go into something new, you should know about everything that comes with it. You’re going to get the chargebacks, the emails from angry customers but you have to learn how to deal with everything. Just don’t go into it blindly. And don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of initial effort you’ll have to put in. Take your time to learn the system and enjoy the process. Don’t lose your integrity along the way either.

Mirakle’s ambition and innovative mindset keep her occupied, and she has much more in store. You can keep up with her latest business ventures on Instagram @mirakulous_.