Singer and Songwriter, Geo, releases her first EP ‘Here We Go Again’

Singer and songwriter, Geo, has dropped her first EP, Here We Go Again, and we are loving it! The EP includes seven songs and centers in on the roller coaster rides that are relationships. In this new, emotionally-filled album, she was particularly inspired by previous relationships she has experienced in the last few years. Geo expressed how one particular song resonates heavily with her right now. “‘On My Mind’ really sticks with me because I let my guard down and gave people the truth,” says Geo. “If you all really listen to the lyrics, you’ll know what I’m talking about and I felt like my subconscious regurgitated on that track.”

Photo Credit: Geordyn Jenkins

Her Creative Routine

As an artist, creator, and even an entrepreneur, we all need those spaces or certain things that get our creative juices flowing; whether it’s with new products, ideas, or lyrics for an upcoming single or album. Geo gets herself out of that artistic funk by finding inspiration from pre-existing beats on platforms like YouTube. This helps her get ideas and ignite that creative flow to do what she likes to call “freestyle singing.”

“The topic is influenced by the beat and the lyrics are written based on my experiences or the experiences of those around me,” said Geo. “Any experience that has to do with love or self-realization makes me want to get in the studio.”

Photo Credit: Geordyn Jenkins

Managing her passion and corporate world

Becoming a singer was not always in her vision as a full-time college student two years ago. Like many fresh college students, we often face the uncertainty of whether to pursue a career path related to our bachelor’s degree or if we want to work towards a career in the passions that we possess outside of the corporate world. However, Geo makes a way for her to do both. “I spend 10 hours a day at work, and then I come home and allocate at least three to four hours working on my passion,” says Geo. “Understand while music is my passion, I still have to deal with the nuances of business because my music is also my business.” 

While being a creator has its perks, there are often concerns and senses of self-doubt people often face and have to overcome when putting their work out there for everyone to see. Geo often sees herself as a go-getter and always looking for the next big move to make. 

Photo Credit: Geordyn Jenkins

This singer and songwriter has always had a passion for music since high school and has released a few singles on Apple Music. Geo has not always been the extroverted performer and singer she is now. She actively seeks to improve on being more vulnerable to showcase her projects. Going to music networking events and open mic nights have helped in building that artistic confidence. “My first open mic night performance was a little over a month ago,” says Jenkins. “I was nervous as hell, but felt so empowered when I walked off of the stage.”

In the next three to four years, Geo hopes to see herself preparing for her first headline tour, songwriting for her favorite artist, and living in a positive mental, spiritual and physical space. Be sure to stream Here We Go Again available on Apple Music now!