The AACHC Celebrates 400 Years of Black History and Beyond

Throughout the month of February, Eric Majette Jr., founder of The African American Cultural Heritage Collection, celebrated groundbreaking figures and moments of African American history.  In celebration of Black history and culture, he curated the Black History Month Sacred Sites and Exhibit Tour. Over the course of two weeks, Majette hosted a wide range of exhibits. On February 29, the tour made its last stop for a closeout celebration titled A Historic Artifact Exhibit. The AACHC held this exhibition at the Legacy Center of East Point Atlanta. 

About the AACHC

The African American Cultural Heritage Collection is an extensive historic collection of rich African American history. The collection features traveling exhibits for the purpose of sharing under-acknowledged contributions of African Americans to world history and culture. The AACHC offers a range of exhibit options for schools, art galleries and expos alike featuring more than 10,000 irreplaceable pieces of antiquity. Their diverse collection continues to grow as further strides are made for African Americans. The collection of artifacts begins with a 15th Century map of Africa. It extends through the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to modern-day efforts of Black Lives Matter. 

Historic Artifact Exhibit

The Historic Artifact Exhibit featured over 200 pieces of African American artifacts in celebration of centuries African American progress. This exhibition acted as the finale event to close out Black History Month. The afternoon was filled with fellowship, food, jazz music and an overwhelming spirit of African American pride. Portraits of historical leaders and activists from MLK to Angela Davis held their rightful places on the walls alongside entrepreneurs and philanthropists such as Madam C.J. Walker. 

photo courtesy of Kayla Johnson for NC Mag

Perfectly preserved for viewing were collections of historical articles and significant documents. Copies of the Emancipation Proclamation, the origin story of Juneteenth, and reports of the malicious murder of Emmet Till were featured alongside more modern events. Celebratory reports of Barack Obama’s election to tributes to Trayvon Martin were among these historic artifacts. The AACHC exhibition tour highlighted some of the most precious moments that shaped African American history. With a mission to protect and present African American history, the AACHC will continue its efforts with more exhibits to come.

photos courtesy of Kayla Johnson for NC Mag

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