The Beauty Conference Talks Creating Your Own Lane and Staying Motivated

When creative, like-minded, talented black women come together in support of one another, they’re unstoppable. It’s a magical feeling that honestly, only black women can relate to. This was the exact feeling during The Beauty Conference, held in Atlanta, GA on March 30, 2019.

Photo by Mia Harden for The Beauty Conference

The conference opened with founder and makeup artist, Terri Watson, interviewing and talking with celebrity makeup artist and keynote speaker, Noorface. The audience was able to learn more about her 11-year journey in the industry, as well as her new makeup line Skin Glass. Terri and Noor also talked about the importance of putting your name and brand out in the public. Being confident and proud of the work you’re doing is very important. However, if you’re not putting it on a website or social media, no one is going to see it. No one is going to know who you are unless you tell them. Along with getting yourself out there, surround yourself with a positive and supportive team. Your support system has to be as excited as you are throughout your process.

Creating your own voice

The panelists of the conference also gave some much-needed advice about being creative, not comparing yourself, and finding other like-minded women to collab with. Shanteria Glanton, Sterling Jones, and Tiana Young gave their input on how to create your own voice in the beauty industry, even when it seems like everyone is doing the same thing. Figure out what talents you have that people come to you for and build your own lane from it. Comparing yourself to peers or people you see on social media will rob you of the joy your passion brings you. It will become a distraction trying to stay on track with what everyone else is doing. You don’t know what that person had to go through to get where they are now. Get out of your head, boost yourself and your confidence, and be optimistic in knowing your winning season is coming.

Photo by Mia Harden for The Beauty Conference

Social Media benefits

After you’ve created your own voice in the industry, Melissa Joslyn, Kenda Fields, and Monica Robinson talked on how to create an irresistible platform for it. It begins with social media and learning how to use it as a business correctly. The first thing your audience or customers will see is how consistent, clear, and engaging you are with your product. Making sure your pictures are good in quality and the aesthetic you choose fits your brand will ultimately bring people back to your page. Pay attention to when your followers are mostly on social media throughout the day and post during those times. Engage with your followers in the comments and don’t be afraid to reach out for collaborations as well. It may seem like a lot of work, but the more work you put into your brand the more people will recognize and support it.

Importance of your spiritual journey

Between the girl boss talks, the audience was also blessed with empowering gems to increase motivation. Hairstylist, Makala McKinney, provided an inspirational story about having spiritual guidance throughout everything you do. When everything seems and is going wrong all at once, the scripture of Psalms 91 is her reminder to stay grounded. Nia Ballard, Founder/CEO of, also provided inspiration from the importance of being aligned and knowing your purpose. Everything that is meant for you will come when the time is right. As long as your business aligns with your purpose, it will never be too hard to handle.

Photo by Mia Harden for The Beauty Conference

Keep that same energy

During the breakout sessions, the audience also got a chance to walk around the vendor tables and network with each other. The successful day ended with a conversation involving Terri and the audience on how to stay grounded throughout your process. As you’re putting in work for your brand, remember to be aware of your mental health and wellness. Doing things like journaling, therapy, creating a daily morning routine, or giving yourself a 30-minute break throughout the day will keep you balanced. 

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