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The Cheat Code to Success on Pinterest

Pinterest may not be as social as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but it’s still an important social media platform. Here you will be able to pin all of your inspirational ideas, products to buy, and the plethora of DIY projects to try. You can also use it to increase the reach of your business as well. According to, “Pinterest is now one of the most popular social networks among adult users with over 28% of their presence on the platform.” Here is a cheat code of how to reach success on Pinterest.

Use a scheduling platform

Like Instagram, you can schedule your posts on Pinterest. The main go-to scheduler for Pinterest is a platform called Tailwind. Tailwind allows you to create new pins, use their extension to pin anything from any site and to create captions for the pins. This is very useful because you can add them to your selected boards and schedule out your pins.

Utilize hashtags

Hashtags across social media platforms is another tool of SEO. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, makes your content searchable. Add hashtags in the captions of your posts to add more reach. Use more broad hashtags like #fall and #fashion, and some specific ones like #blackgirlbraids and #blackmalefashion to get down to the science of someone finding your post. You can also use it in your description on your about page.

Pin, Repin, and Repin again

When you pin your first post, make sure you create another version of the same post with a different caption. Some pins reach a certain audience and others don’t. Using the same pin in different ways allows you to gain more pins. If you are using it for influencers, schedule pins outside of your work to gain traction.

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Join Pinterest boards

Creating Pinterest boards is one way of gaining traction, but joining a shared one is a new game. Shared Pinterest boards have been a staple in the social part of Pinterest. Joining different boards in topics like fashion, cars, and home decor can increase your views and followers. Joining at least 3 to 4 boards will help increase the traction to your page and pins on Pinterest.

Utilize Videos on Pinterest

Pinterest recently added videos as a form of pins. This is an amazing way to get your content out. If you use it to show how your product works or show how it looks, it will be the pin that is benefiting your audience. Adding your hashtags to these videos also spread the videos across Pinterest.

Utilize a Business Account

Using a business account instead of a personal account gives you a couple of features that you need. It gives you the ability to track analytics. These analytics are important to see how many viewers you get to your account every month, every week, who are pining and what they are looking at. It gives you more insight into what your followers are looking at from a Pinterest view. You can use these tools to create a social campaign for your business. It will also track your link clicks too.

Using Pinterest can increase your traffic to your business, blog and social media. By using these tips, you can track and analyze your strategy to reach your goals. Pinterest is one of the easiest platforms to use for social media. Using it the right way, you can build a bigger audience that follows you wherever to take them.


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