The DivaCup Review: Are Disposable Feminine Products Cancelled?

Menstrual cycles can be a pain –  literally. But, there are ways to make that time of the month easier to handle. The more we learn more about women’s health, the more new feminine products are created every year. The menstrual cup has been around for a while but is becoming increasingly popular with more reports of how dangerous common feminine napkins are for the female body. A menstrual cup is exactly what it sounds like;  a small cup that sits inside the vagina and collects blood. There are various brands of menstrual cups but the DivaCup was my first choice.

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The DivaCup

The DivaCup may seem intimidating but the included instructions, as well as online tutorials, make it easier to understand. The cup comes in three sizes: Model 1 is for women 18 years of age or younger. Model 2 is for women 19-30 years old who have a medium flow. Model 3 is for women over the age of 30 and/or have a heavy flow, or have given birth. Although these sizes are recommended, everyone’s vagina is different so you might have to shop around to find the best.

How To Use

Before the first use, the cup should be boiled in hot water for five to ten minutes then washed with either DivaWash or a mild, water-based, scent and oil free soap.

The first time inserting the DivaCup actually wasn’t too difficult for me. There are two ways to insert the cup: either fold the rim in half making a U-shape or fold one side of the rim down making a triangle shape. Once you find your method, you insert the cup by pushing it in horizontally towards your tailbone.

I preferred using the triangle shape method and everything fit into place. For the first 30 minutes, I was a little uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure if the cup was inserted incorrectly. After some re-adjusting, the cup settled into place and it felt like nothing was there.

Long Wear and Eco-Friendly

The DivaCup can be worn for a full 12-hours before you have to remove it and empty the cup. You can sleep with the DivaCup inserted without fear of leaking or discomfort, unlike tampons that should never be worn for longer than eight hours.

Walking around and sitting for long periods of time were no problem with the cup securely in place. DivaCup is also made with 100 percent plastic-free and BPA-free silicone. This helps to prevent an unhealthy vaginal PH imbalance or irritation. The cup is also made clear and dye free for sensitive skin types. It seems as though the designers of DivaCup really made an effort to create a product that would be as harmless and convenient as possible.

Because the cup is reusable it is a much more cost effective product than tampons or pads. It’s reusable BPA-free silicone design also helps the environment by cutting down on the use of plastic and cotton material, that doesn’t have to recycle back into the enrinment after disposale. 

Using the DivaCup allows you to connect with your own body. You’ll have to not only insert the cup but adjust it to make sure there are no leaks. So, if you’re the type of person who’s afraid to get personal with your vagina during your cycle,  then a menstrual cup may not be for you. If a little blood doesn’t scare you, then try the DivaCup for yourself. 

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