3 Things To Do While You Disconnect from Social Media

It is a new year and you are looking for new changes. You’ve just recently deleted all your social media apps for a little clarity that you’ve been in dire need of this past couple of months. You’ve enough of aimlessly scrolling on your Instagram feed for the fourth time in the past hour or refreshing your timeline on Twitter. You have finally found that piece of clarity that you were searching for, but then you realize you now have so much more time on your hands for progression. Here are three things you can do on your social media detox while maximizing productivity.

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  1. Do a Deep Clean

As the year goes on, we collect an abundance of clothing, shoes, and random home goods that you picked up from TJ Maxx because it was just that cute. There is always a need for a good deep cleaning of your place to ensure that your room is a reflection of your mental space. Having a clean workspace or home area is scientifically proven to be linked to better productivity and better physical and mental health status. Also, let’s face it: walking into a clean room makes you feel like you already have it together – if nothing else is going right.

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  1. Learn That Hobby You’ve Always Wanted to Pick Up On

You probably know of at least one trade that you have wanted to pick up on or master for years now. Somehow, you have “never had the time” or, honestly, just never got the push you needed to go outside of their comfort zone. Disconnecting from social media will free so much wasted time that you have been throwing away, and it will allow you to thrive in a new-found passion. Read that book that you ordered months ago, pick up that paintbrush and acrylic paint you’ve been holding out on, or just go out and explore what the world has to offer.

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  1. Call Your Loved Ones You Haven’t Spoken to In A While

We all get wrapped up in our everyday lives and may be focused on our work, social life, or just that alone time you crave after a long day. We all know how it gets when all you want to do when you come home is crash on the couch, grab some good food and catch up on all your favorite TV shows. During this, we sometimes forget to check in with our loved ones or shoot them a quick text to ask how they are and how they’ve been doing. The simple thought can mean much more than you would expect.

Written by Raylyn Robinson

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