This App Generates Recipes from Ingredients In Your Fridge

Since working from home is the new normal, so are constant visits to the fridge. If you’re like most, you’re probably over the same five meals that you can cook flawlessly. For safety reasons, the CDC has asked us to limit our visits to the grocery store, and honestly, the long lines are enough to keep us home. Stuck in the dilemma of recycled recipes and limited store runs, the Supercook app is here to save the day!

Skip takeout (only a few nights a week because we still need to support small businesses) and get hands-on in the kitchen! To start your SuperCook journey, crack open your fridge and add all of your items to your app’s “pantry.” From dairy products to seasonings, get very specific about your inventory. The more specific, the more recipes you’ll generate. Even your olive oil has a significant place in the app.


Once you’ve stocked your digital pantry, Supercook goes to work and aggregates thousands of recipes that’ll turn your dull ingredients into a Mecca of possibilities. You can browse recipes based on dietary restrictions, cook time, and more. Since the app acts as a search engine of recipes, once you’ve chosen your desired meal it will export you to the original website, exposing you to new food bloggers and chefs who may pique your interest.

Not only does the app provide edible meals, but it also generates fresh beauty recipes for hair, body and face masks. Finally, another way to use your ripen bananas for something besides banana bread!

Stop staring at your fridge with disappointment and rethink the possibilities! Here are a few of our favorite at-home recipes that can replace your meal cravings from your favorite restaurants:

The Supercook app is accessible in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and desktop app. Happy cooking!