Totally Instagram-Worthy: Best 5 Photo Editing Apps

While scrolling through your social media feeds you may notice that your favorite accounts have something in common: extremely captivating images. What’s the secret?  Nine times out of ten, your favorite influencers all use photo editing apps. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to produce stunning photos. These five editing apps, frequently used by millions of users, will help enhance the quality of your photos.

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With Instagram’s basic photo editing features, you too can produce captivating images. First, select the picture that you want to edit. Then, choose your filter. Filters are like ice cream flavors– tastes vary by person and some are more popular than others. The most admired Instagram filter is Valencia; it offers a soft brightening effect that flatters most pictures. After adding your filter, there are options to fade the photo, add one of the eight subtle colors, sharpen the picture, etc. Now that you’re a pro-photo editor on Instagram, it’s time for the next level photo editing precision with the four of the other best photo editing apps.

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VSCO (pronounced “visco”) is a photography app founded in 2011 for creators by creators. With this app, you’re allowed to create a free account, upload or take photos, crop the picture, add depth & character to it with one of the many filters, and share it. It’s similar to Instagram in the photo sharing aspect but not when it comes to socializing. With VSCO, you can either share the photo solely on the VSCO feed with other VSCO users or save and post on other social media sites separately. If you’ve been thinking about showcasing your scenic photos from a recent vacation or the pictures you snapped on your everyday walk to school, then VSCO is the app for you.

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Calling all graphic designers! Canva is a graphic design tool that makes it possible to design anything and publish anywhere. With its user-friendly drag and drop tool and thousands of customizable templates, all Canva users are able to easily create beautiful documents, flyers and designs for any occasion. Even though the app is free, there are a few paid options available as well. For only $1, you can purchase the one-time use license and have access to several other exclusive templates. With Canva, you can also store, organize and edit your images, customize your templates and share them with your team to edit, and publish your designs anywhere to reach your target audience. Canva is most commonly used by businesses, teachers, nonprofit organizations and any individual who has a niche for creating unique designs.

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This photo editing app is the top favorite of many famous Instagram personalities and YouTubers! PicMonkey can be accessed either from the web browser or the PicMonkey app. With PicMonkey, you can create beautiful photos, logos, social media graphics, and covers for Facebook and YouTube. PicMonkey offers over 70 blank canvases sized for traditional photos (3×5 inches, 5×7, 8×10, etc.) and for specific social media needs such as the Etsy shop icon, Facebook covers, Twitter profile, YouTube thumbnails, etc. You can also add text with cool fonts and effects on your photos in whatever color you’d like.

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PhotoScape is a fun and simple photo editing software that enables you to edit and enhance photos. Similar to Canva, Photoscape is a graphics tool that provides all the basic photo enhancement tools including cutting/cropping, color adjustment, resizing, GIF animation, and printing photos. One of the most popular features on this app is the Batch editor function. This is the perfect option for those individuals who edit images on a daily basis. The Batch feature allows you to convert, rename, or even resize multiple photos at once with a single mouse click.


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