5 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants to Try

Meat is not for everyone. Whether it may be the grease, the animals harmed, and or the meat industry as a whole, it’s common knowledge that it isn’t always the best choice in regards to one’s health. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan may seem like a difficult option, but it depends on how the meals are prepared. It isn’t all just lettuce and carrots. There’s Vegetarian tortilla soup, or even Spicy Kale and Coconut Stir Fry. The proper restaurant will make sure to not compromise taste when incorporating healthy options. Here are 5 Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in the Atlanta area to try.


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Slutty Vegan

Although it was established in the summer of 2018, This young restaurant emerged with plenty of innovation and passion. Located in the West End of Atlanta, Slutty Vegan is home to the “plant-based patty”. These vegan patties are loaded with common toppings, but their “secret sauce” is far from common. This tantalizing sauce, combined with their patties, has left customers “ready to return” (Yelp)!

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Local Green

This restaurant has made it their initiative in Atlanta to supply the urban areas of the city with a healthier option for a fast meal. Instead of a milkshake at Cookout, try their “Kryptonite” smoothie. It’s a nutritious mix Kale, spinach, cucumbers, coconut water, and chia seeds. The same goes for the “Bubba Sparxx” Pulled BBQ Sandwich, which is Pulled BBQ jackfruit, and homemade slaw on a toasted bun.

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Soul Vegetarian Restaurant No.2

This refined restaurant strays away from the urban, hip look to attract their customers. This is due to the décor in their restaurant, which compliments their salubrious dishes. Regardless of the daunting scenery, they offer plenty of “bang” for your buck. Dishes like the Country Fried Steak, and the Jerusalem rice dish ae described as “so well seasoned, you don’t even miss the meat” (yelp).

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True Food Kitchen

What would happen if a restaurant was founded by a physician, and focused every ingredient on bettering the human body? The answer is the birth of True Food Kitchen. This restaurant not only promotes healthy eating but also healthy living. Every ingredient in certain dishes enforces positive effects on a person’s body. For example, their kitchen follows an Anti-Inflammatory Pyramid when they prepare dishes. This chart displays ingredients that counteract chronic inflammation in the body.

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Green Sprout Vegetarian

Here, customers can enjoy 100 % meat-free Chinese cuisine. Green Sprout Vegetarian takes pride in being a restaurant that is not only affordable but also so appetizing even the most “staunchest carnivores” have enjoyed a meal there. They offer a wide variety of Chinese cuisine with soy proteins, instead of meat.


Written by Brandon Ogbu

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