What Rihanna Has Taught Us About Entrepreneurship and Living in your Purpose

When she calmly said “that Rihanna reign just won’t let up” back in 2009, I don’t think we truly understood what it would actually consist of and how powerful it would become. Recording artist, fashion extraordinaire, makeup guru, and wholesome humanitarian. Robyn Fenty, better known as Rihanna, continues to be the blueprint of a true Girl Boss.

Although most of us may not have been able to see the empire as it was being built, it is no secret now that Rihanna has stamped Fenty on everything and is focused on the legacy that will be left behind forever. A true legend and icon paving the way and leading by example, we have a lot to learn. 

A quick backstory to entrepreneurship

Rihanna and Jay Z at the Roc Nation Brunch 2017

If you’re not familiar, Rihanna began her career in 2005 after signing with Def Jam Recordings at the tender age of 16. One year later, she managed to get ‘A Girl Like Me’ number one on the charts, stamping it as her first number-one single. 

For the next 10 years, Rihanna continued giving her fans hits and unforgettable albums like ‘Unapologetic’, reaching number one in 2017, and ‘Anti’, which reached number one and spent 159 weeks on the Billboard Hot 200. 

Her fans still won’t let the pressure off as they continue begging the artist for another album. However, Rihanna had other things in mind. 

Staying on Top

It’s 2020, and Rihanna is now more relevant than ever. From a known trendsetter and idolized fashion killer, this entrepreneur currently has four self-named businesses: “Fenty”, “Fenty Beauty”, “Savage X Fenty”, and as of July 31st, “Fenty Skin”. 

One would say, the journey towards something greater began in 2014 when becoming a brand ambassador and titled creative director for Puma. Thus, birthing Puma X Fenty and beginning the Fenty reign. 

Rihanna at the Puma x Fenty show 2017

From there, business ventures were continuous. Rihanna has managed to not only stay relevant but create opportunities for people all over the world. Her impact on the influencer community is grand, as she recently curated an entire influencer experience only to be had at the Fenty Beauty House. 

Rihanna’s more than an Entrepreneur, She’s a Mogul

Rihanna has been an inspiration to women and men alike everywhere. The end doesn’t seem near for this entrepreneur and we have all learned so much from her reign already. 

One lesson being your dreams are never too big. There is no need to limit your success because of what other people want from us. Yes, we would love to have a new Rihanna album and end the four and a half year music hiatus. However, we need to give Ri her flowers for what she has done with her businesses and generational wealth. 

The girls would have never experienced a massive shade range in foundation makeup like Fenty Beauty developed. The beauty industry has been lacking in shades for Black and Brown skin for years. Rihanna did something about it and was the first to actually do it right. On the fashion side, her fashion label “Fenty” made her the first woman and also the first of color to be added to the luxury fashion group, LVMH. She is living proof that when God gives you a mission, nothing and no one will be able to come in between it.

Live in your purpose

Getty Images for Fenty Beauty — Lip Paint Launch in Dubai 2018

Watching Rihanna build her empire shows us that you can dominate in all categories and interests. As well as putting that wealth back into your community. Life is for living on your own terms. Don’t be afraid to request entry in meetings with CEOs because you have something to say, too. Ask for that promotion, produce that creative vision you’ve been sitting on, and start that business. 

It’d be no surprise if all of the world secretly thanked Rihanna for being steadfast in her own dreams. She will most likely continue to get heat and pressure from the world begging for new music. However, let us all learn that sometimes success lies in those little random ideas and what if’s. Being skilled in one thing is great, however, imagine how many other titles you could bestow when you step outside of that one comfort zone.