What Type of Romantic Partner You Are According to Your Zodiac

When you think about your zodiac sign, you’re probably more intrigued about how it describes your personality. Sometimes it’s spot on, sometimes it’s not, but did you know that your zodiac can also tell you a lot about what type of partner you are in love and relationships? We can learn a lot about ourselves according to astrology positions, planet placements, and our personal birth charts. For love, you want to look into the planet Venus and what sign your placement is located in your birth chart. According to Cafe Astrology, Venus, the goddess of love, reveals much about the way we approach relationships, romance, and love. You can also visit the website to get a free birth chart to find out your Venus sign and other placements. Once you’ve found what your Venus sign is, below explains what it all means.

Venus in Aries

Being born as a Venus Aries you are extremely passionate and need someone to match your energy. One thing you lack as a Venus sign is patience. You’re not for the games and want to know if they like you or not. When your partner begins to distance themselves you will most likely ghost them.

Venus in Taurus

Being born as a Venus Taurus you are pretty special. Let’s just say you are one of those hopeless romantics and have cupid in your favorites on your phone. Being relaxed is the main element to a Venus Taurus. Make sure you get with someone that matches your vibe.


Venus in Gemini

Being born as a Venus Gemini you need a partner that is diverse in the art of romance. Also, the digital connection works well with you. You excel at it. From typing messages or face timing, you keep the excitement going. With Venus running in your spirit your feelings are very hot and cold.



Venus in Cancer

Being born as a Venus Cancer you love to play hard to get. It keeps you from getting that dreaded heartbreak. With Venus running through your spirit you tend to wed early. But the downside is you don’t take rejection well and it takes forever for you to get over a breakup.



Venus in Leo

Being born as a Venus Leo you are the one people want to be. Attention always hits you when you walk in the room. Having the Venus in you makes you extremely passionate. If your relationship isn’t like a Hollywood action, romantic, and adventure movie you tend to get bored.


Venus in Virgo

Being born as a Venus Virgo you are a giving and selfless person. You only want to date your true love and if you don’t think the person is the one then you’d rather be single. Also, being fussed over is not your thing. You’d rather just do romantic walks in the park or beach and staring into the clouds.


Venus in Libra

Being born as a Venus Libra you display beauty and love. It gifts you with an extra spark in the love department. During the talking period, you lean more towards the traditional format of picnics, flowers, and opening doors.  With Venus running through you a fairy-tale ending is your dream.

Venus in Scorpio

Being born as a Venus Scorpio you dive into intimacy quickly. Not just physical, but telling deep dark secrets to bring your relationship closer. As a Venus in Scorpio, you struggle with trust so you need a partner who is an open book. With that, you might have to go through a wide variety of twists and turns until you find Mr./Mrs. Right. You are also a very open lover and always down for a good time.

Venus in Sagittarius

Being born as a Venus Sagittarius you are down for a fun, free spirit and adventurous person. You’re a juggler when it comes to love. With Venus in your spirit and your single years, you have some wild stories that you could tell. With that side, you are one of the signs that are comfortable in a polyamorous environment. The key to your heart is laughter. Add that with killer looks and it’s a perfect match.

Venus in Capricorn

Being born as a Venus Capricorn you need stability in your relationship. You’re a realist with a touch of a romantic. You know what works and what doesn’t work. Having the Venus in you makes you a provider in your relationship. You are career driven, and that might mean your next relationship most likely will come from your job.

Venus in Aquarius

Being born as a Venus Aquarius you are very unconventional when it comes to dating and relationships. You don’t have any shame in your game and go for partners that bring in the shock value. You’re attracted to a beautiful soul and mind. You lash out at the notion of someone owning you. Being so experimental also makes you an exciting partner in the bed.

Venus in Pisces

Being born a Venus Pisces you see a story in everything. Romance is what drives you. Mixing it with your love of music, art and sharing the same spiritual background is a must. With Venus being the strongest in Pisces makes you an expert in the art of seduction. Just a smile can be all you need to do get that flame going in the bedroom. Also with venus flowing through a Pisces you may struggle with commitment and choosing the neglectful and narcissistic partners.

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