Why Some Men are Intimidated by the Girl Boss

When dealing with a woman of power, it calls for a certain level of humility and responsibility. Many men are called, few are chosen, and even fewer passed the test. It’s a tale as old as time: a man claims he wants a girl boss as a partner and a few months later it’s Splitsville. Ask the guy why and you may get a vague reason like she was “too much.” Ask the woman, and you’ll probably get a clearer picture.

A true girl boss is like no other unless you have a track record of dating powerful women. The unfortunate common denominator is most men see the woman for all that she does and not the true essence of who she is. Some are scared of the power she yields instead of seeing the qualities it takes to successfully hold that said power. Thus, resulting in yet another failed relationship.


Let’s face it: the male ego is as fragile as an egg; it’s the reason why so many women are encouraged to “stroke the male ego” at any given time. But where do we draw the line? When do men stroke our egos? Relationships should be 50/50 in every aspect. No, you don’t have to go dutch on every bill, but a true girl boss doesn’t mind spoiling her man and giving him the same energy she desires. Surprisingly, this can reveal insecurity in some men.

Let’s not completely blame the man for this. Society drills into men with so many images and media that the man must provide on every level. Despite what he thinks, he can’t be Superman all the time. Even Clark Kent needed to rest on Lois Lane’s shoulder every now and then.

Men, it doesn’t make you less than because your woman has her own. It’s actually admirable. Partners are meant to inspire each other to grow and fill each other’s cups. And if you both are full in a certain area, that is means to join forces and become a powerhouse of greatness. Dating your match only makes you greater. Settling for less than will only bring you down. It’s not a competition. It’s a partnership.

Photo via unsplash.com

Failure to Submit

In a relationship, it’s the responsibility for both parties to submit to each other. But when a relationship involves two alphas, the responsibility for the man to submit becomes even more apparent. In our society, it’s a given for a woman to submit to her partner, but there is a taboo for a man to do the same for his woman. This should be a no brainer, especially if a couple intends to marry.

Here’s that retched “societal message” creeping in again saying that if a man submits to his woman, he’s weak. On the contrary, that’s the farthest notion from the truth. Don’t let your toxic masculinity impede you from allowing your woman to lead from time to time. There is beauty and comfort in knowing you don’t always have to be in front of every situation. Your other half should be just as strong, and a rock for you to lean on.

Refusal to “Hold Her Down”

Whether a man or woman, being a boss demands a lot from an individual and even more from a couple. Time, energy, and finances are just a few. When sharing these elements between a career and relationship, a “give and take” system must be implemented. This is where the “holding you down” mindset comes into play.

It’s expected of a woman to have dinner ready for her man after a long day of work but it’s a viral Instagram post when the man does the same for his lady. The scales of expectations are not balanced. Sometimes she needs more than a pep talk when she’s in the midst of business affairs. Sometimes she isn’t always able to hold everything on her own. This is when “Superman” should be activated. Hold her down and let her know you have her back through actions, not just words. Just like everything else, she’ll take what you give her and birth even more for and to you.