Why We Should Stop Idolizing Celebrities

So, you’re mad at Doja Cat, B. Simone, Desi Banks, Jussie Smollett, Kodak Black, and the rest of the canceled celebrities, right? Granted, they probably did or said something you didn’t agree with. However, why did you hold them on such a high pedestal in the first place? As a society, we have a bad habit of idolizing celebrities and thinking they can do no wrong. With more pressing issues arising, we’re starting to see that maybe we’re wrong for thinking celebrities are untouchable.

Why do we idolize celebrities?

There’s nothing wrong with having role models or looking for inspiration; everyone does it. We look at people who are successful in something we’re interested in, but we purposely turn away from their flaws. Nobody’s perfect and we understand that. However, when we see celebrities, we tend to think that their net worth pays for their flaws to disappear.

They have managers, publicists, and a team of people that work to make them look good. They also have access to resources and material things we desire to have. This is what attracts us to these celebrities, especially when it comes to social media. There are entire pages and communities dedicated to ‘stanning’ celebrities and everything they do.

Photo Credits: famousbeyoncefans.tumblr.com

Now looking on the celebrities’ side of things, their money and relevancy come from their fans. Without the people who ‘stan’ them, many celebrities and upcoming A-listers would not be where they are today. Once they reach the status of not having to appease the masses, they can do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t affect their paychecks. Some may have contracts or partnerships with companies, who could drop them if they do anything the company disagrees with. This translates to the issues we’ve seen with celebrities who have or have not spoken out to the recent events of police brutality, protesting, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Your perceptions of celebrities are what disappoints you.

If we didn’t hold these celebrities on an extremely high pedestal, we wouldn’t be as upset when someone gets proclaimed as ‘canceled’. When we learn how entertainment operates, we’ll understand that celebrities are going to do what’s necessary for them to keep their status. Also, we must understand that they are people who have their own thoughts and may not align with yours. Just because they have that celebrity status doesn’t mean that they’re immune to only using their power for their own benefit.

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Injustice and other prevalent issues shouldn’t have to be explained to a celebrity no matter how booked and busy they are. The reality is that because it’s not directly affecting them and their way of life, it doesn’t matter. They can show their support socially, but can’t show up where it really counts. It’s confusing when celebrities ask their fan-base to donate towards a cause that they actually have the funds to fully support if they wanted to.

Stop calling on celebrities to show up for us when they have proved they don’t want to.

Recently, celebrities and influencers like B. Simone, Desi Banks, Virgil Abloh, Shekinah, and Shameik Moore were called out for their lack of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Some even had unpopular opinions about the reason behind the looting.

Their fans responded with disappointment. Apology videos are not enough when they’ve disrespected an entire community for speaking up for what’s right, regardless of the method used. We shouldn’t uplift anyone who would “sell-out” because it’s better for them and their pockets to keep quiet.

So, we can’t be mad when our favorite entertainer isn’t living up to the standards we envisioned for them. Instead, accept the fact that you were a fan of them —there’s no shame in it— and really think about if you want to continue to support them on a smaller level or stop altogether.