Why Women Should Be More Open to Solo Trips

Traveling is an amazing experience for those who want to get out of the country or even get out of the state and experience something new and adventurous. When you think of going on grand vacations for that special occasion, a birthday or maybe just because you can, you instantly try to scramble to find that solid group of family or friends to join you on your expedition.

But have you ever thought of going on your excursions solo?

The thought can be a little terrifying visiting a destination you have never been to before, but solo trips offer so many benefits that you may have never thought of.

You are put in a position to meet more people

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Going on vacations with your best friends or maybe even a significant other can at times close you off from meeting other people through passing and can even miss out on striking up conversations that could ultimately lead to a new friendship, job or networking opportunity. Traveling on solo missions allows you to look more approachable and to create conversations with people you may have never thought you would normally speak to.


You don’t have to run on other people’s time

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You know all those times you have been at a club or a party with your friends and you are ready to go back home, take a shower and turn on Netflix for the night? These kinds of nights are impossible when going on outings with your girlfriends or family members. When you are by yourself you are able to dictate when you come and go. Amazing.

In addition, you do not have to wait for all your other potential trip mates to get their funds together and wait for those confirmed days off. Everything is now on your time!


Everything is in the moment

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Traveling by yourself is an accomplishment on your own, but your experiences there leads you to a chance to be able to immerse yourself in activities so much more and really enjoy your time there, versus getting wrapped up into posting on your social media 24/7 as you would do with your group of friends. Traveling by yourself also opens you up to learning more about yourself in a different environment and how you will respond in a variety of circumstances.


Going somewhere on your own might offer a scary feeling at first, but starting on a smaller to maybe another city a few hours away will provide you with a trial run into immersing yourself into solo traveler realm. Hopefully, this, in turn, will lead to larger expenditures, brighter experiences and most importantly memorable times for a happier you!

By: Raylyn Robinson, IG: @raylyn_xo

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