Why Your Dreams Aren’t Manifesting

Why your dreams aren’t manifesting

Manifesting, a term used so loosely in the millennial and generation Z community, that everybody now believes they are doing it right. Then down the road, you find yourself asking why your dreams aren’t manifesting, why certain things aren’t coming into fruition, or why said person has been blessed so fruitfully, while you sit back with your seeds still needing to be sown. 

Your dreams aren’t manifesting because you simply aren’t practicing the art of it properly. Manifestation is more than speaking it out loud but feeling it completely through your soul and spirit. Although you may have an idea of what it means to manifest your dreams, here are a few tips to help you truly bring your dreams to life. 

Why your dreams aren’t manifesting
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You just aren’t dreaming big enough!

Now that that’s out there, stop dreaming the dreams you believe can happen because they sound most realistic. The power of manifestation is the idea that you can fabricate the unimaginable, to become imaginable, thus creating your own reality for yourself. Manifest situations that don’t seem attainable on paper, but possible almost through a miracle. Having a healthy balance of goals is important, yes,  but ensure you have just as many “crazy” dreams as you do, attainable ones. 

You don’t actually know what you want – Be Specific!

There’s no room here for broad ideas. We all know the genie in a bottle story and how tricky they can be. Take the time you need to thoughtfully conjure your ideas the same way you would carefully choose your words when wishing your last three wishes. 

You can’t manifest a thoughtless idea. Nobody can know the details of your dream except you. Do you want that Tesla? What is the model, year, and color of the Tesla? These factors should be planned out so that your energy knows exactly what to latch on to in the process. 

Why your dreams aren’t manifesting
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It’s time to act as if the Dream Is Yours! 

“You are the company you keep”, an old saying that still holds weight today. If you are walking in the path that you hope to live, eventually it’ll become real. If your goal will bring you happiness, joy, comfort, and positivity, then harness those emotions now before the goal even reaches you. Imagine going viral, and now the world is expecting you to provide content three times a week. But you were so used to creating once a month and you didn’t prepare yourself as if your dream was to be granted tomorrow. Had you treated your dream as a job from the beginning, this transition could have been seamless. 

It may not pay the bills right now or be your reality, but if you don’t start acting like it’s already here, you will never attract it. Live your days like you’ve accomplished your dreams and know that it’s already here, you’re just waiting for it to happen. 

Let go of doubt and choose gratitude 

Dwelling on all that you don’t have will only leave you in the same position you’re in. It holds you back. Let go of any and all doubt. Stop thinking about how hard you’ll have to work. Forget your current circumstances and believe in your wildest dreams no matter what is presented in front of you. Choose happiness. Utilize the tools that you have right in front of you rather than wishing you had something better to complete your task. How can you expect to gain more resources if you don’t utilize the ones right at your fingertips? Be thankful for where you are and know that you are working towards something better. 


Why your dreams aren’t manifestig
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To manifest, you must mediate 

Meditation is an art form that helps you focus on one specific thing. Whatever it is you’re manifesting, whether it be a list of ideas or a single thought, pick one to zero in on during your meditation. This is a time to see yourself in your goals and dreams. Imagine what those feelings are like once you’ve accomplished the said goal. Let those emotions and new characteristics take over in the present. Harness that energy and contemplate on the many obstacles it may take for you to reach your dreams. Do this every day with the same goal or different goals each day and you’ll be sure to have a clear vision of what it is you want, and how you want it. 

Believe that because it happened in your mind, you can make it happen in real life. Change the way you think and the words you speak because it all holds weight in determining what energies and blessings you speak upon yourself. Manifestation is so much more than sharing an idea with Twitter and saying this is what you want. Live the life you wish to have until it is actually yours and you’ll be destined to manifest anything you put your mind to.