What Your Wine of Choice Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person by their outer appearance as well as their beliefs. A person’s personality is what makes them unique and stand out from other people. Did you know that your choice of wine can also tell people a lot about your personality? While there are only two wine selections to choose from, white or red, you still have a wide array of flavors to explore. Similar to how someone can have different types of personalities. Take a look at what your favorite wine says about your personality.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

If you love drinking Cabernet Sauvignon you are a person that is direct and not afraid to voice your opinion. As well as women who love to travel and explore. Your friends call you the most interesting person in the world and just like fine wine, you only get better when you age.

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If sweet wine is your preference this is probably your favorite. Usually, this is the wine for people in their early twenties. A Moscato drinker is typically someone who is a fun & free spirited individual who loves to go out to dance & have a good time. On their free time, they enjoy watching romantic comedies and playing with animals.

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This is the wine for all of you girlie girls! You’re the center of attention whenever you walk into the room. When the sun is out, you enjoy wearing a sundress and almost anything that is pink. There is no place you’d rather be than on a beach running around in the sand or swimming freely in the warm water.

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Do you love cozy sweaters and grabbing a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate? Then champagne is most likely your drink of choice. Your dream vacation spot is Paris, of course, because you simply love everything about its culture. From the macarons, flowers, to the ancient buildings, Paris is the city for you. Oh, and any Insta-story with a cute caption, duh.

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This is a drink that is often referred to as an ‘easy’ drink. Merlot matches your personality so perfectly because you get along with everyone. You’re the person who holds the best conversations and tend to get people to confide in you for honest advice. One major fun thing that you live for is pillows with catchy phrases or inspirational quotes.

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Pinot Grigio

You are the party animal, let’s just be honest! You love to have a good time where’ve you are and do not have a care in the world about showing it. You’re the girl that will get on top of a table and dance the night away. Also, when it comes down to love, you are a hopeless romantic. You fall and you fall hard. Well, live & love on, girl. Cheers!

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